About Me

I have been professionally involved in the communications world for over a year now. I started with the Republican Party of Florida here in Tallahasse where I interned under the head of communications for the entire state. After assisting at the 2016 RNC, I decided politics was a little too exhausting. I stumbled upon a great opportunity with the local catholic high school St. John Paul II High School. As interim Communications Director for the fall semester, they gave me the reigns to revamp their online presence. And revamp, I did. With help, I completely reconstructed their website and social media presence.

I flooded their dormant Facebook page and brand-new social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram with news and graphics that generated excitement for the school. When that project ended in February of 2016, I was given an excellent recommendation that led to my current job – Technical Web Developer with Florida State University’s College of Fine Arts. Here I was thrown into the web development world, far more in-depth than I had experienced previously. I have learned so much from the people around me at this position I have decided to use my skills for freelance work (and continue to grow myself).

Online communication is a serious hobby of mine. I often find myself lost in a related project at work, not realizing that it is long past time for me to leave work.

So let me help you. I know how to grow your online presence and how to create you a state-of-the-art, jaw-droppping, whatever adjective website you desire. As a perfectionist, I promise I will not stop until we have gone above and beyond the original idea of the project. Let’s get started!


Johnathan Kelly (JK)
(850) 445-3528


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